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Not your Grandfather's resume. Cut out all of your competition with two pages, featuring: visualized experience, hyperlinks, transferable skills, and work citations. Service package includes a fully revisable Cover Letter, Transferable Skills Page, & Personal Reference template. All Custom Resumes are unique to your experience and made to order!


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Revisable DOCX Format: If you're looking for the ability to edit your resume yourself in Microsoft Word, and you don't have Adobe Photoshop or Acrobat-- then you'll need a Revisable DOCX Formatted resume. Converting your Custom Resume into DOCX format takes time and effort and has a cost associated. PSD and PDF output formats are free!

Below are Additional/ Optional Services

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Full Text Revision (Recommended): Have us fill out your resume with solid new skillsets and a complete language overhaul. Not everyone needs this service, but most do!
Interactive PDF: Throw on your sunglasses, kick back and impress with active hotlinks that automatically dial phone numbers and launch emails directly from your resume and more.
Graphic Alteration: Check this option if your instructions include any major deviations from the original layout of the resume. Minor changes and color alterations are free.
Expedited Service: Rewriting, designing and organizing your new Custom Resume takes 3-4 business days. Expedite your service to have it done in two business days.

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